Publicly accessible chargers for electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly necessary, especially in urban areas, to offer the same convenience as traditional refuelling stations. By the end of 2022, there were 2.7 million public charging points globally, a 55% increase from 2021. Among these, 600,000 were slow chargers, with China hosting over half of the global stock. Europe followed with a total of 460,000 slow chargers. Fast chargers, vital for addressing range anxiety and enabling longer trips, increased by 330,000 worldwide in 2022, with almost 90% of this growth coming from China. Europe’s fast charger stock stood at over 70,000, while the US installed 6,300 new fast chargers. The growth of public charging infrastructure is crucial for the widespread adoption of EVs, and it needs to keep pace with the rising number of EVs to ensure accessible and affordable charging. Read the full study article here.